Like a scene from Gammma World. This is my world and I must survive.

Hello world!

Last Saturday night, all the restaurants had 20 – 40 minute wait.  Too long, so hungry!  We drove around for 30 mins, found a Chinese Buffet with 5 minute wait.

They had sushi, and I really like sushi.  But this sushi was at a $13 buffet.  My hope was they could serve top grade sushi at a fixed-price buffet because:

  1. maybe only a few people at the buffet like sushi.
  2. rice-to-fish ratio is high, so attendees will fill up on rice before eating their cost in good fish.
  3. most people here will not gorge on sushi because they want to save room for those endless pork chops.

These were among what I told myself as I dropped sushis on my plate.

Then I ate.  The salmon sashimi was sliced razor thin, which was encouraging  (thin fish points in the direction of quality fish).  It was not bad.  And I didn’t get sick.

That’s what happened last Saturday night.